Photoshop CS Skills Assessment Quiz





1) What is the one way NOT to fill a selection?


a) Edit: Fill: Foreground Color
b) Alt/Opt Backspace
c) Paint Bucket
d) Select: Inverse

2) Which is NOT one of the tools in the Photoshop CS toolbar?

a) Eyedropper
b) Color Range Selection
c) Replace Color
d) Type Mask


3) Which is NOT an adjustment?


a) Hue/Saturation
b) Curves
c) Median
d) Levels


4) What does the Channels palette do?

a) Represents color layers
b) Flips through different adjustment options
c) Changes the color or image mode of the document
d) Shows image data for each of the color channels

5) What does the 'Direct Selection' tool do?

a) Allows you to move and edit anchor points on a path
b) Allows you to move your selection
c) Allows you to create a selection easily & expediently
d) Allows you to create new anchor points


6) What is an Action?


a) A Hollywood Blockbuster
b) A recorded series of steps or events in Photoshop
c) A series of techniques or steps that you do in Photoshop
d) A batch process automation

7) Which is not a selection method?


a) Quickmasking
b) Layermasking
c) Using the Lasso Tool
d) Color Range

8) What is the QuickMask mode?

a) Lets you hide layers fast
b) A rubylith
c) A temporary alpha channel for storing a selection
d) Permanent like a layer mask

9) What is the first thing you should do if you don't know what is going on in a multi-layered document?

a) Shut down Photoshop
b) Take a cooling off break
c) Check the layers palette to see what layer is actually highlighted
d) Go back in the History palette and start over earlier


10) What is one way that you CAN'T bring up the Layer Styles/Blending Options dialog box?

a) Double Click on the layer's longbar in the layers palette (not the name)
b) Right click on the layer longbar and choose Blending Options
c) Double click on the layer icon itself
d) Use the lower left fly-up menu and choose a layer style



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