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Learn Photoshop 7 skills the easy way while saving 80% of your time.

-Stop spending hours of your time trying to figure out "how to" use Photoshop on your own...


"I have ordered several different training programs for Adobe Photoshop and the tutorials you get from Orion Williams are far and above anything I have found so far. Really enjoy them and learning at the same time. Thanks Orion!"  -John P. Staples

$49.95 on DVD  +s&h


Basic Photoshop DVD Training

Product Details

- Over 8 hours of Photoshop Training on 4 DVD's
- Sturdy 4-pack Slimline DVD case for storing your Discs
- User-friendly menu based interface for easy navigation

- Intro videos & groovy music to navigate thru DVD menus

- Chapter contents inside case

- INSTANT Access to all 60 Basic Photoshop Bonus Tutorials on printable full-color PDF.

- 100% 90 day Money-Back Guarantee

- Free Photoshop CS Features & Tutorials Bonus CD

   (90 minutes)

                 $49.95 (+ S&H) 


$49.95 on DVD  +s&h


Take this Free Quiz and test your knowledge of Basic Photoshop skills here.

Throughout this presentation you will hear statements both from my students who have learned

from my free tutorials (in the email series) and also those from my Basic Photoshop video training.


From: Orion Williams

Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2


Dear Photoshop Friend,

Photoshop 7 is a tremendously powerful yet intimidating software program, and if you're like me, you've probably wasted countless hours trying to figure things out on your own.  Or worse; you've left the program aside because you were too fed up with the sheer power of not knowing what to do with it, so you temporarily gave up!  Don't suffer any longer!  You KNOW what Photoshop can do and more importantly you know that you have things you want to 'get done' with it

I want you to know that I am here to help you make it EASY to learn Adobe Photoshop.  Yes, learning Photoshop should be easy.  You will finally be able to stop wasting time trying to 'figure it out' because you'll be spending your time editing images with fast and professional results.  There is no need to be frustrated or intimidated about learning Photoshop anymore.

▪  I have trained 10,000's of Photoshop user's worldwide with my online Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop websites and supplemental training products.

  I have been to 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences and am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).  I've been featured on top tutorials websites and others including

  I am an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CS2. 


Adobe Certified Expert


▪  I am also a professional graphic designer who leads by example and has spent 1,000's of hours in Photoshop- it's what I do. 

If you've personally spent countless hours in Photoshop stubbornly learning the hard way, I know how frustrating it can be because it's what I didAnd who wants to read the manual?!  That thing?  No way-it could choke a cow.  I understand your pain.  If you're like me, I also didn't want to pay a lot of money to learn Photoshop (stubborn people unite). 

But now there is a way to learn all of Photoshop's basics so you can be operating smoothly in no time AND saving yourself time & money You don't have to keep wasting your time trying to figure it all out when you could be getting a lot done with it instead.

“I am almost sixty years old,Brasilian(S.Luis-Ma). I am very novice at Photoshop, I like to thank you for all the tutorials that you are sharing with us. They are easy to understand even my english is not to good.God bless you. You are the best."  Sincerely yours, Maria dos Santos

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Basic Photoshop Tutorials

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Take the Free Quiz and test your knowledge of Basic Photoshop skills here.

Don't waste any more of your time being ineffective with Photoshop!

I decided to create a complete Basic Photoshop tutorials training program based off of the desire to help others (like you!) not to waste their precious time putzing around with the power of Photoshop (like a monkey let loose in a nuclear containment facility; ok maybe not the best analogy).

If I help enough people save time on fully learning Photoshop easily then maybe it can make up for all of the stupidly wasted hours it took me to figure out how to learn.  Eventually I started investing more money and time into learning Photoshop from expensive resources to accelerate my learning, including countless hours of analyzing real-world graphic design to be at the guru-educator level to offer you the absolute best Photoshop investment you can make (other than the software itself!).

I want to help others get the most out of using Photoshop for their goals and dreams.  I've also found that most of the Photoshop training out there is a little pricey.  I just came back from a conference and everyone I talked to said they'd like to learn Photoshop or knew someone who wanted to! 

ALL of these people are wasting time (even if it's a few minutes), not using Photoshop properly when they could be editing images, restoring photos, producing graphic design, preparing prints and more during with the SAME TIME THEY'RE WASTING trying to figure Photoshop all out.

And if you're one of them, you've probably got lots of things YOU want to do in Photoshop (that's why you got it) but just don't know how-and you want to do them NOW.  So how can you get straight to mastering the essentials and making the most out of your Photoshop time?'s my Basic Photoshop DVD Training.

It's all the Basic Photoshop Training you need at the lowest price you'll find anywhere to help you become fully proficient with and unafraid of learning Photoshop basics!!  Much more than just a Photoshop introduction, it's comprehensiveness will take you to a level of operational productivity so you can GET RESULTS with your digital image editing.  The Photoshop training lays out a solid foundational for you to grow from into more advanced training and graphic design. 

Put the power of Photoshop into your hands!

Basic Photoshop DVD Tutorials Training

This is a cross-platform DVD training program (Mac & PC).

"Great Tutorials! Very informative, easy to understand & professionally done. Thank you!"   -Jim Ouellette

Just follow along with the 'real-time' Photoshop video tutorials as you begin to see and understand how to quickly master the Photoshop basics (saving countless hours of fooling around or trying out expensive & forgettable programs or classrooms) and move on from there to more advanced technique & designing.  If I go too fast you can always rewind and watch lessons (which ones You want to) over again.

You Will be operating smoothly in Photoshop in no time!  

You will also be amazed at all of the powerful features that you will now know how to use to be able to edit images, touchup photos, create logos, graphic design and much much more.  Knowledge is power and this is a lot of power for you.  This Photoshop Training is the shortest learning curve possible so you can spend your time getting your image-editing tasks or goals done instead of dilly-dallying around! 

It's a whole lot more fun when you can have a handle on Photoshop (and what it can do with your images) rather than being blind in the dark.  I know because I used to be there and I realized how much time was just WASTED.  And would have just found something like this I could have got tons more design work and image editing done and made the process a whole lot more enjoyable than just being stubborn and wasting my time trying to figure it out. 

So, I ask you to think about it; are you ready to learn how it all works now once and for all, so you can stop wasting time that you keep spreading out, putzing with Photoshop here and there or wondering what tool 'X' does..?!  It's time for results and progress in your hands, ESPECIALLY if you invested the money into Adobe Photoshop or Creative Suite.

"...I have been learning to restore old family photos to go with my genealogy research. Your lessons have been amazing! By learning to use the Lasso, and other selection tools properly, as well as the Healing brush, Layer Effects and Masking, I am able to bring my ancestors back to “life” through their photographs to preserve them for generations to come.  I would have never believed that I could have done anything like this in Photoshop- never thought I was smart enough! You have taught me well, and I will always draw upon that knowledge as I get better and better!!!...."

Basic Photoshop Student  

...This is my second entry, as you see, I am continuing to restore and improve damaged and faded photographs. Some that are over 100 years old now look like they were made yesterday! I cannot tell you how much it means to me to see the faces come alive, and only through your wonderful lessons and teaching was I able to do it.
Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart!"     -Wendy Madison

Learning Photoshop is fun

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●Are you overwhelmed by the scope and complexity of Photoshop...


●Are feeling limited because you just don't understand how to put all of Photoshop's tools together or know how they work...


●Do NOT want to spend the expected $100's or $1,000's of dollars just to 'learn' Photoshop...


●Are new to Photoshop and just want to "dive-in" A.S.A.P...


●Are tired of tutorials here and there on the internet not giving you the "Big Picture" of Photoshop and it's real power...


●Just want to finally LEARN everything you can about Photoshop and image-editing as painlessly as possible...

then with the Basic Photoshop DVD Training you can now...

Master all the "Basics" by learning Photoshop from a professional and get your 'flow' going

●Quit wasting countless hours of your time getting nowhere with the software or staying 'stumped'

Cut your Photoshop Learning Curve drastically so you can start doing what you want to

●Edit, retouch and restore your Photos in no time like a pro and discover what tools to use and when

Learn at a fraction of the cost of other Photoshop training programs

Finally be proficient in using Photoshop and use your time to focus on your project not the project of learning Photoshop.  No more manuals or confusion.  Get going with maximum 'uptime'.  Eliminate 'downtime' learning Photoshop and being stuck.

Here are just a few specific benefits of what you will learn with the Basic Photoshop Training Program:

These will allow you to SAVE TIME learning Photoshop and use your time to reach your image editing goals daily and EASILY because you will understand how to finally use all of the tools, tips & techniques to accomplish any image editing task.

●  Text editing and effects - So you can create very professional looking results in little to no time.  This will help round out simple photographs by adding a finishing touch to them.

●  How to create custom gradients & tool presets - Save time by creating your own set of tools' preferences to streamline and accelerate your workflow.  You can create any possible color combination of gradient from any color in the rainbow and use it as a background or product backdrop- I show you how.

●  Importing & Exporting files - You will be able to be 'up-to-speed' with the world of digital imaging and photo post-production.  You will understand how to scan-in and work with files for print or web as well as saving files (in different formats) and compressing them for web use.  You will also understand resolution and image size.

●  Photoshop CS - All of the new features in their own video tutorials including:

          ●  Type on a Path - Learn how to use this great new function for creating advanced typography just like magazine and advertising designers use all the time.

          ●  New File Browser - Watch as I show you the best ways to use the file browser and organize your files.  It is 10X more powerful than File: Open you won't want to be without it.

          ●  Shadow/Highlight Adjustment - Magically turn your darkest photos into visibility!  You will not believe your eyes and you'll want to start using this tool immediately on some of your photos.

          ●  Color Replacement & Red-Eye Reduction - Easily make magical color replacements with this brand new tool.  Easily fix red-eye in photographs with the other tool; watch as the evil, lurking cat turns friendly in the tutorial.

          ●  Creating MetaData Templates - This will allow you to apply copyright/image information to entire folders or volumes of your images all at one time.  Copyright all of your photo's or designs instantly with it embedded into the file, ready for distribution.

●  Creating custom brushes & brush options - You'll be amazed at the kinds of brushes you can make and how you can use them.  I show you how to use the brushes palette, how to make your own custom brushes to use for painting, special fx, or even hiding or erasing pixels with them.

●  All Adobe Photoshop tools and palettes - Understand how to use the tools and work in the Photoshop environment so you can focus your time on your project and not the project of still learning Photoshop.  You will see everything as it happens real-time in Photoshop and you will get very comfortable combining different tools and seeing how everything works together as I train you and also go through practical exercises.

●  Creating shapes, filling selections with colors/gradients and more - Understanding these basic's can take you a long ways with graphic design in such areas as creating fliers, brochures, and really cool logo's.

●  How to touch up and restore photos for much improved results in a matter of minutes (sometimes seconds)!  You will learn how to use Photoshop's powerful Adjustment's and Filter's to your advantage to improve any and all of your images to impress yourself or friends with.

 Layer styles & effects - Tons of powerful instantaneous effects that novices can use to look like the pro's--you will use these a lot on text as I show you how.  You will be able to create professional Typography for any photo or design.  If you're new to Photoshop you'll probably just love the layer styles and the cool, dazzling stuff you can do with them to your layers.

●  Understand & master the power of layers - the fundamental of all digital design.  This is where each separate image becomes it's own moveable element.  It is imperative that you really grasp this particular subject, so I spend a lot of time on it and use layers a lot to get you comfortable with them.  When you know how to use layers, you will have the foundation to be able to start creating collages, montages, and ANY form of graphic design.  You will learn how to use the selection tools to create new layers to become part of a graphic design.

Just think of how much time you'll save not having to figure all of this out on your own.  

The Help Manual doesn't actually 'show you' how it's all done.

●  Combining multiple tools in getting a quick and fast selection - There are many ways to get selections and different tools that you can combine together to get your desired selection, I cover them so you know what tools to use when to save yourself stress and hassle.  Once you get a selection you can do many things with it such as adjust it, transform it, make it a layer and much more which I cover.

  Use Photoshop Adjustment & Fill layers - Learn how to apply adjustments such as changing the brightness values, or creating a gradient fill on completely temporary, disposable layers without damaging any of the pixels of your original layer/image.  This is perfect if you're not sure you want to keep an adjustment or if you might want to change it quickly later.

●  Layer sets, linking, saving files, exporting for web, merging - learn how to organize and manage your Photoshop workflow to save time during your projects.  No need to have a messy workspace with these tips.

●  How to make image adjustments - I cover it all including custom adjustment layers to apply an effect only to a certain layer without affecting the rest of the layers below it

●  Keyboard Shortcuts are consistently reiterated during the training process so it becomes natural and can save you tremendous amounts of time.  Before you know it you're working on your image editing and graphic design instead of trying to figure out how to use a certain tool and you're working fast using all of Photoshop's powerful tools that you now understand and don't let go to waste.

●  Selections: all the tools, from basic to most advanced techniques (including the powerful quick mask mode): Learn how to select just about anything.  (In case you don't know yet, you create a selection out of an image so you can do something else with it like put a person onto a different background or create a world where the lion can lay next to the lamb).  I cover all of the tools including Lasso, add to and subtract from selection, marquee, pen & path editing tools, extract, color range and more - it's all here.

 The practical and instant professional power of layer masks and their applications (covered in dozens of tutorials to make sure you understand layer masking and its importance in pro design).  I show you how to create that "perfect fade & blend".  Now you can "hide" pixels and create smooth or fading blends in any image (used in 90% of all movie posters).  You won't believe how easy it actually is with my special technique and you will look like a pro immediately!

  In-depth gradient tool  - Understand how to use it for hiding pixels on a layer and also for creating your own professional colored backgrounds or fills.

●  When to use the brush tools when masking (hiding pixels) - So you spend less time getting a highly accurate selection the FAST way.  Quick masking will allow you to create your new layers such as people or objects with pleasant results.

Click above for a Screen Shot

You can view more specific info on each of the discs & screenshots further below

●  Understanding and using vectors and the shape tools - create the kind of images you see in commercial advertising & design.

●  History and Snapshot options - understand how to fix your work well after you've made a mistake

●  Introduction to automation and actions - Learn how to use the power of Photoshop to do a lot of your grunt work with these powerful tools I teach you.

....and much much more!


Here is a sample tutorial...

For this tutorial grab the lasso tool in the toolbar.


Now make a general selection by dragging the lasso around your subject.

Try to keep it as close as you can. You have to go all the way around the subject to meet endpoints to close off the selection.

This is a basic and old school way of making selections which you must understand. There are much 'better' ways which I cover in the video training but once again; it's imperative that you understand the fundamentals and grow from there.

Once you have made a selection around your subject, switch to the moVe tool as shown.

Now you can place the cursor inside the selection and ‘move' it. Try doing this and dragging it around.  See how the space is left there where she used to be? 

If you're wondering where the actual water and sidewalk went then I can't help you (but yes you could fix it..that'd be another lesson).

Go to the History palette and undo your last command of move to put the subject back in place.

To work with your new selection on it's own, go to Layer: New: Layer via copy. This places the selection onto it's own layer (very important to understand).


You can also right click when you are on a marquee or lasso tool and choose Layer via Copy to put the selection onto its own layer. There are ways to edit the (lasso) selection which are covered in the video training and other tutorials included.

Now you have basically duplicated your subject and put it onto its own layer. Here I've got her on her own layer (you can see the invisible space around her in her layer on the palette).

Remember that there are better, more accurate ways of selecting which we'll get to. It takes a steady hand to use the lasso.  Keep on learning, because once you understand the fundamentals you can go a long ways into your real goals with Photoshop!


Basic Photoshop DVD Training is your one-stop Photoshop tool & resource



“in the past I would spend hours trying to fix pics, I just fixed this one in 10 minutes by watching your (Photoshop) CS (Bonus) cd.” --john kline



"This is my first attempt at colorizing a B&W picture...Without the tutorials, I wouldn’t have known where to start. I am new to using Photoshop and your tutorials have been a great help in understanding what I am doing. Thank you for the immense help..This is my second attempt at colorizing a B&W picture. The original is a picture of a co-workers husband that was taken in 1969...

...Your tutorials have been a great help. Orion, your tutorials are the best. They have been a great help and inspiration in learning to use Photoshop."          Wade Kehner


Click here for 200 more testimonials


Take this Free Quiz and test your knowledge of Basic Photoshop skills: click here.

As you know, there's just so much to learn with Photoshop.  Do you really want to keep spending your time with it and not being as effective as you can?  It's hard to just go ahead and fix up your images, create effects, change the color, even start designing or preparing for print or web when you just don't know how.  Thankfully, you never need to have that problem again so you can spend your time getting stuff done - way ahead of the other's who are still fooling around here and there with Photoshop.

It's up to you to make the most of your time

Spend your time the most effectively by getting a solid grasp on all of Photoshop's powerful tools and options and use your time editing your images instead of wondering what to do with them.  You know you have things you want to do in Photoshop and (let me let you in on a ltitle secret); the more you know about what Photoshop can do, the more your creative mind will open up to the unlimited possibilities of what you can do with your images.  Yes, you'll uncover incredible things that you never even before thought possible in Photoshop that you can now do with your images.  That's how powerful Photoshop (and your newfound knowledge) really is!

Don't waste anymore time getting bits of information here and there on websites and forums about learning Photoshop because there's too much to learn for it to just 'add up' and make sense of your time.  This is why you're going to love my Basic Photoshop training because not only is it easy to understand, but you'll end up spending the least possible amount of time learning everything you can do with Photoshop and much more time doing what you want to do with it.

Don't be left behind!  Get on top of Photoshop today, whether you're in it for the money or a hobby.  Once you get to that point (and fast) of understanding how to use the powerful tools it offer's, then can you finally exercise your creative vision to get results that will astound you.  But please, do yourself a favor and stop hiding from the enormosity and intimidation of the program (if that's you) and just Dive In with the right tools and resource, today! 

Soon you will be spending your time fixing up your photos, forwarding them to friends, getting into graphic design (I help you with that too) or whatever YOUR plan is with Photoshop and less time learning the program itself.  I guarantee you'll understand how to use Photoshop 7 & CS thoroughly.  I also offer the lowest price on the market for complete Photoshop training.

8+ Hours of Training and 249 Tutorials

to help you learn to use Adobe Photoshop. Basic Photoshop DVD Training is

perfect for Photoshop beginners or newcomers who just want to get involved and learn Photoshop easily and quickly.


Hundred's of video Photoshop tutorials will keep you busy and satisfy your thirst for Photoshop Power and effectiveness.  Soon you will be operating proficiently with Photoshop basics and even creating your own designs.  Begin your journey of Photoshop training & introduction today and learn from the PhotoshopDesign.NET webmaster & Adobe Photoshop CS Certified Expert:  Orion Williams.


I don't just teach you the tools, you see me go through live exercises and real Photoshop workflow on projects so you "get it".  But please!  Don't go back to letting Photoshop intimidate you - because you've already read this far.  See this as your chance to finally get a grasp on really understanding 'HOW-TO-USE' the entire software program and "how-to" use it's tools for image editing and basic graphic design.

I urge you to act soon on this offer of Basic Photoshop Video Tutorials Training.  Similar courses, teaching the exact same lessons average $199-$299 for complete Photoshop tutorials training.  If you go to a classroom session you will spend much more money to learn much less (they can't cover it all in that short of time) which you will probably forget anyways!  With DVD's, the training is on your time at your leisure and you can review any lessons you want to.

Don't spend thousands of dollars just to "learn" Photoshop!  I hope you didn't already spend thousands at a vocational school or those one day courses to learn the exact same things I'm going to teach you.  Even if you did, it's almost better than wasting your time to try and figure out the program yourself (like I did for so long); you have better things to do with your time and time is money. 

I want you to save time and money (something I lost), but I want to help the most amount of people I can learn Photoshop.  Then I have a vested interest to see how well they are doing with my student gallery and other Photoshop training products.  I know that your money is valuable and so is your time and if you have decided that you've wasted enough time (or even money to date) and you're just going to finally learn Photoshop and everything it has to offer so you can spend your time doing what you fully want to with the program, I think you'll be shocked to hear my low price of $49.95.  That's for over 8+ hours of pure Photoshop training on 4 DVD's with 250 tutorials.

Why am I selling it for so low?  Good question...(you'd better get it before I do raise the price).  I am testing price points again to see how well it will sell at this price.  I just released an Advanced Photoshop 2 DVD program that sells for $69.95 so this offer may not last long at all.  I used to sell this same training for double the price and brought it down to make it more affordable to everyday Photoshop-guru-wannabe's. 

Furthermore, the main reason the price is so low is because of one itsy-bitsy technical error on my part...depending on what t.v. dvd player you play it on, the action safe areas may extend a little bit beyond the edge of your t.v. screen (but NOT on your computer dvd player).  I regret this but it was too late to change and if it wasn't for this I would sell it at $99.95 (which I'm still thinking about though; and not a single person has complained about it...hmm...). 

Because of this you are getting a savings of 83% for the same quality of training.  I have gone insane..This is such a great offer and I wish I would have found an answer like this (it's all here) way back when, because it would have been a godsend and saved so much of my time to finally be able to learn a program like Photoshop (the #1 image editor in the world).


Photoshop tools Basic Photoshop dvd tutorials training Photoshop adjustments

Just listen to what some of my customer's & students have to say on the sheer quality of my Photoshop tutorials.


Yes, it's working great! Love the tutorials so far! Easy to follow and understand. I'm in the QuickMask section now....and it's actually easy to understand and follow along! This is much better than buying textbooks.  -Thanks, Jeff Rookard

"Thank you very much for sharing all this knowledge with us rookies. Best Regards"  -Brian Cornwall Hamilton Ontario Canada

"I have already used many of the things I learned on Disc II for my work. I am now very comfortable using the different pallets and I have set up my own workspace. The books I have bought have taught me how the program works but your tutorials have taught me how to USE Photoshop. I really am enjoying myself and your passion for Photoshop comes through with some of your comments. Thanks again for making all this info available at a REASONABLE cost."

       -Jackie Graham: Canada

"... I am able to bring my ancestors back to “life” through their photographs to preserve them for generations to come     -Wendy Madison

Click here for 200 more testimonials

100% PURE PHOTOSHOP Training and nothing else.

I want you to have the power of knowledge so you can spend your time editing images and masterfully using Photoshop's powerful tools.  If you are willing to take the step forward to finally get a handle on learning Photoshop immediately, when you act now you'll also receive:

Bonus: Tutorials Training CS Features Tutorials CD.  It's 90 minutes of all of the new features in Photoshop CS covered in easy-to-understand and then apply tutorials. ($29 Retail value)

Adobe Photoshop CS Tutorials CD

Photoshop CS is a Photographer & Designer's DREAM with all of the hot new upgrades and features!  I take you into an understanding how to use and apply all of them.

Additional video tutorials on:


-Red eye reduction & replacing color (with the new color replacement tool)

(Watch me turn an evil cat into a friendly cat, repaint a Bahamian Bar like magic and more)

-Customizing keyboard shortcuts (new powerful control for advanced users)

-The Spanking New File Browser (which also acts as a lightbox)

-Automating contact sheets/picture packages (easily create final productions)

-Creating MetaData Templates, entering & programming searchable MetaData (easily search & organize your entire file library: perfect for photographers or designers!)

-Using the Photomerge feature to create picturesque panoramas

-The Miracle working New Shadow/Highlight Adjustment (you WON'T believe your eyes as I turn pitch black shadow into visible light...imagine what you can do on some of your photos!)

-Typing on a path (designers have been asking for it for years)

-The new Filter Gallery (preview several filters together)

-16 Bit Pixel support, Non-square pixel support (for DVD/TV producers)

-Layer comps (show your client several versions of a file) & much more!

That's even more great Photoshop training, but here's the thing...

I don't want to have you wait until you get the training dvd's in the mail.  I want you to start learning as much as you can right now!  This is why, for a limited time only, I'm throwing in an additional 60 Basic Photoshop CS tutorials on PDF.  ________>>>

You will get INSTANT access to these within a minute after your order is approved.  But I must say that this special offer is for a limited time only. 

You must order now in order to guarantee instant access to these 60 additional tutorials ($29 value) which you can save to your computer and view anytime you want.  This offer may not be up tomorrow, in fact I plan on taking it down soon.

Basic Photoshop Tutorials Training

"...Ive printed and read your Basic Photoshop tutorials and I may say, that I have been doing a part time studies course for 1 1/2 years now on desktop publishing which incorporates Photoshop and this is the only time that I fully understand and got the full grasp of the Basics of Photoshop when I read your manual, much, much better than the school manuals and some Photoshop books that Ive read. Your tutorials are well written and well visually laid out that even a newbie like me will no doubt be able to follow the steps. Now Im excited and wish I’ll get your DVDs sooner..."

Cheers and Thanks
Nina Liddicoat                  -Australia              
                                                   More Basic Photoshop Testimonials


Here, I want you to take a look at this special video that will help explain it a little bit more.  

Move your Cursor over the bottom area to reveal the Flash Player Settings and to start or pause the video.If it doesn't start playing after you press play, then you can download Flash 7 here.


If you DON'T take the action now to finally get a handle on Photoshop, how much time is it that you'll be wasting still trying to learn the different tools or figuring out how to do this or that when you could be spending that same time well-spent on editing images, sharing images for print or web, graphic designing?!  With this training you will get there the fastest way possible and it'll always be there for your reference in case you needed to go over something again (unlike classrooms).

Take one full year to examine, exploit and put this training to work for you so you can spend your time getting work done in Photoshop.  That's right.  You can take 365 days to put the training to use and test it out for yourself.  Learn and use as much as you can.  I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!

You can keep the 60 Downloadable Tutorials (if available when you order) RISK-FREE no matter what you decide.

But if you aren't satisfied for any reason, you don't like my use of colorful images, or it just doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't lose anything.  Just return the dvd's and I'll refund your entire payment - right up to day # 365 and keep the bonuses!  That's how confident I am in the level and quality of this training and how much I know it's going to help you with Photoshop 'uptime' and not 'downtime'.  100% 1 Year Satisfaction Guaranteed.  It's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

"I have ordered several different training programs for Adobe Photoshop and the tutorials you get from Orion Williams are far and above anything I have found so far. Really enjoy them and learning at the same time. Thanks Orion!"  -John P. Staples

"The training has been a great help to me and I would definitely recommend this training to those who really want to get into really learning Photoshop and not have to worry about being overwhelmed."  -Brandon Spain

"Once again thanks for staying on top of things and your quick responses. The
items were delivered this morning at around 11am. I can't wait to get started."
- wallace

Let your Photoshop journey officially begin Right Now...

If you know that your time is valuable and you'd rather spend your time on getting what you want to get done in Photoshop instead of being intimidated or trying to figure it all out bit by bit, then you're not going to find a better offer for complete Photoshop training.  With my training, you can start applying what you've learned immediately and choose which lessons you want to go through.  I've helped train 10,000's of people worldwide improve their Photoshop skills.  Knowing what Photoshop can do, combined with your vision, this could be one of the best investment's you'll ever make!

Remember that when you order now the 60 Bonus tutorials are available INSTANTLY so you can get started immediately without wasting any more time.  Included in the Basic60 PDF Bonus ($29 value) are tutorials on scanning in images & resolution, modifying selections, quickmasking, layermasking, adjustment layers and much more in Photoshop CS.  Start learning from a Certified Expert now!

Photoshop video tutorialsPhotoshop training cd

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Photoshop Tools

Includes both Macintosh and Windows software

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          File Basics & Palettes                       Selections, Patterns &Adjustment

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Text, Tools & Vectors                             Layers, Brushes & Filters

Minimum Requirements for Windows & Macintosh
Must have a DVD Player and DVD software on computer to run.  Will also work on TV DVD players (most models).  Speakers are required for audio.  Training program was produced in Photoshop 7 & CS and applies to all versions of Photoshop (the later your version, the more features you will be able to understand and use that I cover).  Click here for a detailed Q&A.

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