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TutorialKey: Retouching DVD

- Over 2 hours of Intermediate Photoshop Training

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- Taught by Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS: Orion Williams

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$29.95 on DVD  +s&h 

"I am learning a lot from the Photo Retouching tutorials.." -walter truax

"..You explained so well and you were so clear that I didn't feel that the course wasn't in my native language. 

I bought a dvd player only because I wanted to view your dvd-s.  Now I have in mind to buy your design package." 

-Raluca, Romania (customer Restoration & Retouching training)


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From: Orion Williams

Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2



July 27, 2007

11:27 PM

Dear Photoshop user,

You probably have some images or photos of friends or family (or for your clients) that you would like to retouch so that you can naturally "improve" upon that person's captured presence at that moment in the photograph.  Making the exact right adjustments or minor improvements to bring out their special highlights or features can not only make them proud but give you an achievement to be proud. 

The problem is; how can you go about making the exact adjustments to bring out the person so they look like they were photographed on their 'best day'?  Photoshop has the capability to these wonderful image and photo retouches of course, but you must know what tools to use and exactly how to do it.

If you're a photographer (whether consumer or professional), Photoshop has the power to allow you to create the 'perfectly retouched images' of people.  It has the power to cover all of the high fashion magazine retouches yet also allows you the tools to get the absolute best picture out of your work.  But if you don't know how to use the powerful tools you will just be wasting your time and getting nowhere...

▪  I have trained 10,000's of Photoshop user's worldwide with my online Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop websites and supplemental training products with great customer service and lots of testimonials.

  I have been to 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences and am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).  I've been featured on top tutorials websites and others including

  I am an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CS2. 

▪  I am also a professional graphic designer who leads by example and has spent 1,000's of hours in Photoshop- it's what I do. 

Do you have many photo's where you know that it's not the best representation of who that person is (especially if it's you!)?  I know what it's like because I'm a very fickle person when it comes to seeing myself on film.  Good thing that I know Photoshop though.  I remember recently 'bulking' myself up on a photo from a few years ago to look more buff...I couldn't do it without Photoshop's liquify tool or other tools.

Now I'm not saying that you'll want to exaggerate who you are or who the person you are retouching is (I give you all of the tools and knowledge so you can do it if you want); but it's really up to you if you are looking for magazine cover absolute perfection in creating the human ideal or just want to show a friend or family member 'on their best day' and in the right light.

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The truth is, everyone has photos that they want to get retouched (I don't have enough time to get to all of mine) and many photos could use a lot of retouching.  Fashion magazine photographer's and retouchers use Photoshop to get absolute perfection and just touch up little details here and there...why can't you use those same tools to make your photos that need a little retouching better?  You're here because you either have Photoshop and understand it's power or you're going to get it.

There's absolutely no reason that you can't be retouching your favorite images of people (or pets) and making them even a little bit better.  Maybe the light isn't right in the photo or their skin looks a little blotchy...maybe too many pimples that you don't normally see...a few extra pounds..or maybe their/your chin looks a little larger than it should be (such as photos of Britney Spears when she's not all glammed up).

Celebrities rely on good retoucher's to make themselves even better.  Anyone can benefit from it.  Although I tell you now...misrepresenting yourself (or others) on dating services will be YOUR responsibility and I claim nothing to do with it!  Just making small, minor retouch improvements on portraits of yourself or others can (most importantly) make you feel good about yourself or themselves and more fully represent who they really are; and that's what matters.

Photo retouching tutorials glamour

And also...because sometimes; hey!  the camera 'didn't' capture the right angle (j-lo) and we all know that feeling.

So how do you go about photo retouching to get the most amount of effective results done in the minimal amount of time?  Well...first you need Photoshop 7 or CS.  Then you would look into a training program such as my Photoshop Retouching DVD which I've created to help people specifically improve their skills on retouching people in Photoshop CS.

I feel this is important because I have not found any specific training out there myself on this subject of photo retouching so I want to offer it to the millions of consumers (and professional photographers) that are out there who really want to make the necessary photo retouching improvements; whether it be for frontpage magazine covers retouching models (already near-perfect) to the average citizen who wants their representation of themself to be a little more 'satisfactory'...

I've created the Photoshop Retouching DVD to allow you to retouch your photos and images using Photoshop CS (or 7) with ease.  This training will take you right into the heart of Photoshop with many practical high-fashion and 'real world' examples of photo retouching to bring out the natural character of a person to show them in the best possible light.

This training will not only massively improve your skills as a Photoshop user but give you the lifelong skills of digital image retouching to help enhance ANY of your family or friend's (or clients!) portraits or photo's that need that special 'improvement'.  The amount of skill and knowledge you will specifically gain from this Photoshop dvd tutorials training will allow you to start retouching photos immediately to see dramatic results.

Here I'll show you a little bit of the level of training you're going to learn from...

Now we’re going to do another industry technique.

Press Alt and then click on the new layer icon to get the new layer dialog box.

Choose Gray as the color.

Choose overlay blending mode for now and click on Fill with 50% Gray.

What you have just done is created a dodge and burn layer. You will see what we do with it shortly.

Now grab a nice soft, medium sized brush (B).

Note that this layer is filled with 50% gray in the layers palette. This dodge and burn layer will allow you to accentuate either highlights or shadows in the image.

Make sure that your brush (not the layer) has a low opacity such as 3-5% if you’re making small adjustments or much higher for experimentation.  Go ahead and try it...Grab your soft brush tool and use white as your foreground color. This will allow you to ‘dodge’ or ‘add light to’ an area. It’s a photographer’s darkroom term where they extract an area so it doesn’t ‘burn’ as dark as the other areas when developing. Anyways, you use it to lighten or bring out highlights. You could use dodge and burn tools on the 50% gray layer as long as you have a low opacity.


Try dodging around the eyes to lighten them. You can have airbrush turned on if you want...this allows the residual brushholding to soak in and strengthen the effect.

This is a great technique for highlighting and bringing out extra life in the eyes.

Now switch to black as your foreground color and start ‘burning’ (letting more light saturate in) to areas which are already a little darker. This will help accentuate them such as this area here underneath the eyelid.

When you hide the other layers in the layers palette you’ll probably see something like this.

Once again it is the blend mode that is doing the magic here so you don’t see the actual black grey and white colors when other layers are visible because it is the blending mode that is automatically mixing the density and luminosity (depending on your blend mode) with the light of the layers above and below.

The blend modes you’ll use most often for this are Soft Light and Overlay on the actual dodge’nburn layer itself. This allows the light to magical appearance of accentuating shadows or highlights with this technique.


Now try bringing the brushes opacity up to 100% so you can see more of an effect.

Here you can get some really rich, vibrant highlights or shadows. Most often you’ll not want to do this strong of an effect but it’s fun to play around with it so let’s do that for a bit.

See the eye I’ve gone ahead and dodged it (white as foreground color) and then burned (black as foreground color) the area around with the brush. You can easily create thick long rich lashes with Maybelline, I mean with a really small ‘burn’ brush on a strong opacity.

Here you can see the 50% gray layer has the strong extremes of black and white which will bring out the much more vivid overlay effect of the colors. You can always switch to soft light too which won’t be as vivid.

Here I’m just painting thicker lashes and also cover some of the face with the darker ‘burn’ brush. The lower your opacity (of the brush) the less strong of an effect of dodging or burning. Remember that you’ll want to use white as your foreground color to work on lighter areas to help highlight them and vice versa.

If you ever want to reset the layer, the easiest way is to go to Edit: Fill (of course with the layer being selected/highlighted in the layers palette) and then choose 50% gray to get it back to it’s original state (wiping out your work though).

Here with the burning method I’m painting some thick makeup around her eyes like we’ve all seen before in impractically high fashion magazines, runways or on Shirley Manson from Garbage.

I don’t know why but I felt like adding this face paint to her...have fun with it; but remember the underlying concepts I’ve covered (and cover a lot more in practical tutorials in the Photo Retouch DVD training); that you’ll use a lower brush opacity to accentuate unless you want to have fun like this.

Say that you fool around and get the eyes where you want them to be but not the rest.

Here’s a method that you won’t likely find anyone else teaching you: 

Copy the layer by dragging it to the new layer icon (to retain an original), hide the copy and then select the original layer and add a layer mask as shown.

Now you can go ahead and grab a large soft brush (use right ] key to get larger brush and [ for smaller), get black as your foreground color and now that you’re on the layer mask (auto after you create it) go ahead and mask away the rest of the pixels other than the area you want to keep such as the eyes. I cover layer masking in depth in my Basic Photoshop training but this is another practical way in which to use layer masks. It’s better than using the eraser because you can always come back to or reveal the pixels you masked or had hidden.

Voila, here’s where we’re at for now.
These techniques should take you much further but if you’re really serious then you’ll just have to get my TutorialKey: Retouching DVD where I also reveal the #1 secret of the highest end retouchers- and show you how to use it. 

This is PURE Photoshop image retouching training.  Don't spend any more time wondering how to go about PROFESSIONAL photo retouching.  As long as you have Photoshop, all you need is someone (preferably an 'Expert') to guide you along with the right training to get you there.  That's exactly what the Photoshop Retouching tutorials training will do for you.

So, I created my TutorialKey: Retouching training tutorials DVD.  It's got 2+ hours of Photoshop video tutorials training on photo touching from high fashion to normal portrait images that just need some improvement or enhancement.  You can call it digital plastic surgery but you don't have to take it to that extreme; I teach it all.  Yes, people can lose 15 pounds with Photoshop...ah the glory days...

All you need is a DVD player...

Learn photo retouching with Photoshop retouch tutorials

Here are a few benefits that you will learn with the TutorialKey: Retouching DVD...

●  Knowing what Photoshop tools to use (and HOW to use them for each circumstance) - Photoshop has many tools but there are a few there are specifically used and that you MUST work on mastering to really be effective in retouching images.  I teach you all of the different tools including which ways to use them so you don't waste hours of your time on a single image.

●  How to make localized or custom adjustments - I use several 'glamour' model photos and 'real world' photographs in these examples.  You will learn how to make up for a photograph where there wasn't a flash (for example) and correcting underexposure (areas that are darker than they should be) so it is properly exposed and lit without affecting the rest of the background. .   You will be able to bring out the best in a personA MUST FOR ALL PHOTOGRAPHERS.

●  Touchup slightly damaged portraits - Understand how to use the different nuances of the many Photoshop tools in order to bring out the best in a person's image.

●  Applying Digital Makeup - YES! You can do this with Photoshop and I teach you how to do it (b/c otherwise you won't just know).  Not only can you add makeup such as blush & foundation but you can also use a special technique which I teach that will bring out beautiful highlights in the eyes & more.

●  Applying Eye Shadow - Learn how to add eye shadow & make darker lashes using a special 'burning' technique.

●  Airbrushing - Learn how to accentuate & highlight appropriate areas (which I teach) to vastly improve the quality of the image using my airbrushing technique (the same method used by the pro's).

●  Saving time - One technique I teach you will save you a half hour (or more)depending on your project and it only takes 15 seconds to do!  I take that step even further to show you different ways of how you can apply that action to only where you want it to apply to.

Finally you will be able to make people look the way they really want themselves to be seen (or even better).  

Even people on can use some help (half of them were made ugly in you know what Photoshop can do)..

●  Putting it all together - You will finally understand how to use MULTIPLE adjustment layers to work on different areas, custom adjustment layers for corrections, what to duplicate, blank cloning layers, blending modes, masking, understanding the layer order of all of your 'improvement' retouching layers, how they apply in order AND how to organize them and merge them into one comp layer on top of your work layers.

●  Layer Comps -  Once again I cover layer comps so you can show different variations on your retouching job to yourself or your client.

●  Get rid of pimples, zits, goiters, love handles, double chins, blemishes, birthmarks...even erase away a few years of age - you name it!  It will be up to you (yes the power is in your hands) as to what you want (or your client requests that you) to retouch.  I go through it all...

....and much more with 2 hours of pure photo & portrait Retouching & enhancement!  I don't just cover the basics (everyone knows the healing brush is there); I go into the advanced strategies of more Photoshop retouching tools, blending mode/brush techniques, masking & layer order, having a game plan, and combining tools and techniques to make the most of your image retouching time for the fastest, yet most "polished" results.

Take this Free Quiz and test your knowledge of photo retouching by clicking here.

Since this product is brand new and I am releasing it right away, the testimonials you see are from my Basic Photoshop training alone.  In this Photoshop retouch training you are going to receive training on enhancing common, family gathering images, to high-end model retouching, to weight loss and general image enhancement with the focus on people.  It's primarily 'people' that we'll be focusing our retouch Photoshop tutorials training on.

I cover many different practical examples of images on different levels of neediness without rushing through them so you get the full range (& treatment) of understanding the Photoshop workflow and tools of choice in retouching your images and portraits.

With this training, I give you the tools you need to retouch any of your images that could use a little improvement to get people looking their reasonable best.  Once you watch these Photoshop video retouching tutorials you'll be able to immediately start using the different Photoshop tools to repair photos and GET RESULTS. 

Photoshop retouching

Retouching one important photo to you alone can be worth the small investment; after all these are the same tools that the high paid professionals use for retouching models for fashion magazine covers.  These skills that you will gain, will allow you to not only be more diverse as a Photoshop user but allow you to retouch any of your (or your client's) photos in a much faster and more professional degree. 

For a small investment of $29.95 you can have this basic-advanced (I cover techniques on all levels) TutorialKey Retouching DVD training.  That's a $5 savings off of the normal price of $34.95.

I think that's definitely a fair price considering the amount of lifelong digital imaging skills you will have to be able to retouch any of your images for much improved results (like the pro's) in Photoshop and bring tremendous self-satisfaction and gift-giving to your loved ones by enhancing the image of your loved ones and who they really are on their 'best day'.  Of course if you also want to have fun, I show you wacky things you can do to family members too in Photoshop!

Here, I want you to take a look at this special video that will help explain it a little bit more.  You must have Flash 7 in order to view it. 

Move your Cursor over the bottom area to reveal the Flash Player Settings and to start or pause the video.


If it doesn't start playing after you press play, then you can download Flash 7 here.


Just to make this an even more valuable offer for you; for a limited time only, I'm going to throw in the instantly available Bonus Items.  If they are listed right now you can receive them when you order right now, otherwise I can't guarantee that you'll ever receive the bonuses.  Take a look at what else you can receive when you order your Photoshop Retouching video tutorials right now.  This bonus alone is worth the cost of your Photoshop tutorials training...


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I want to make this offer even more irresistible for you to make this small investment so you can really start retouching your photos like a pro, so read this exclusive guarantee on the TutorialKey Retouching DVD tutorials training...

..I have received both the photo retouching and restoration DVDS' along with basic photoshop DVDS'. I have tried a few tutorials from the internet but, yours is far superior to any of the others i,ve tried. It is as good as having your own personal tutor over your shoulder.
The constant tutorials you keep sending are absolutely brilliant
. My photoshop knowledge has come on immensely thanks to you.
I can not believe the way you keep in constant contact with me. (Tutorials, etc) I have no hesitation in reccomending you to other users. Keep up the good work and many, many thanks. Alan
Take one full year to examine, exploit and put this training to work for you so you can spend your time getting work done in Photoshop.  That's right.  You can take 365 days to put the training to use and test it out for yourself.  Learn and use as much as you can.  I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!  You must think it's at least worth twice what you paid for it or you can send it back for a full refund.


You can keep the PhotoshopDownloads & 102 add'l tutorial bonuses no matter what you decide.

RISK-FREE (that's a $78 value on their own)

But if you aren't satisfied for any reason, you don't like my use of colorful images, or it just doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't lose anything.  Just return the TutorialKey Restoration DVD and I'll refund your entire payment - right up to day # 365!  That's how confident I am in the level and quality of this training and how much I know it's going to help you with Photoshop photo restoration 'uptime' and not 'downtime'.  100% One Year Satisfaction Guaranteed.  It's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

200+ Testimonials

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I have ordered several different training programs for Adobe Photoshop and the tutorials you get from Orion Williams are far and above anything I have found so far. Really enjoy them and learning at the same time. Thanks Orion, -John P. Staples


"So much appreciate it for your kind and quick respond on my request, I trust your profesional service and your high business reputation.
Please let me know too if there is any new thing comes up. I am excited always to learn new things. Once again thank you."


"Your products are awesome. I am going through the photoshop tutorials over the last two weeks and they have substantially increased my knowledge of the application in a fraction of the time I expected. I look forward to receiving these additional DVDs next week."     Best regards and happy holidays,   -Chris Grillo, Florida

"Thank you for your prompt reply. I've been in business for over 40 years and know how important it is to give good service and I really appreciate it when I find someone who also believes in and practices this basic principle."
-Jack Stacey, Oregon


With that said, it's time for you to start retouching your images like a pro.  Act now so you can take advantage of Photoshop's tremendously powerful tools for photo retouching, save yourself time and get self-fulfillment, profit (or both) from making people look 'their best'.  Order here or right below and get INSTANT ACCESS to the bonus downloads...


TutorialKey: Retouching DVD

- Over 2 hours of Intermediate Photoshop Training

- Sturdy DVD case for storing your Disc
- User-friendly menu based interface for easy navigation of Photoshop Tutorials

- International shipping available

- Taught by Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS: Orion Williams

- When you order now you'll also instantly receive (free of charge) the downloadable PhotoshopDownloads Package via email (which includes 102 Tutorials Training Tutorials on PDF and hundreds of usable & royalty-free Photoshop downloads, Photoshop CS tips & more)

-All Photo Retouching tutorials on the sites

-Free updates & downloads via email

-1 Year Money Back Guarantee

Photoshop retouching dvd tutorials

 Only $29.95 USD (+S&H) 

You will proceed to my secure and safe shopping cart on where you will have the option of also including the Photoshop Restoration DVD training at a discount


International Orders for Photoshop Retouching Only: Pay via paypal here right below


International Orders for both Retouching & Restoration @ $49.95 +s&h Only

Click Below:

Thanks for your time and best wishes!  I look forward to making a HUGE impact in your own photo /

Thanks for your time and best wishes!  I look forward to making a HUGE impact in your own photo / image retouching skills and Photoshop marketability.  Start bringing those lackluster, blotchy, pimply, heavy images back to a 'happy' state and feel free to send them to me.  I look forward to YOUR success story and want to see your work (so I can put it in my student gallery on PhotoshopDesign.NET)! 

Feel free to ask me any questions:  I have over 200 positive testimonials that relate to the quality of my products and service.  I'll get some more product specific testimonials online shortly.



Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2 is part of the TutorialsTraining network.


p.s. Remember if you don't act now, you might continue to spend lots of ineffective time in Photoshop while you could be retouching images using all of the tools effectively instead.  This is your opportunity to really learn how to use basic to advanced Photoshop techniques to retouch any of your precious, yet 'lackluster' photos or portraits (and keep your bonuses no matter what).  Don't pass Photo Retouching by.


p.p.s. You'll receive a much better understanding and application of making the most of those treasured photos so you can not just impress your friends and family but give them something to be proud (including yourself) so make that small investment today and reap the results for everyone who shares in your digital imaging Photoshop prowess!  Click here to order and get your INSTANT bonuses while they last.

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