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"I'm watching the Madison Ave DVD as we speak & I just want you to know that I would gladly do anything to help get the word out about you, I cannot even begin to fathom how much time & money you have saved me in schooling & training, starting halfway to the finish line is a lot better than starting at the beginning with everybody else & because of your training, thats I'll be starting out ahead of the crowd."  

-Brad W Gremba    (



Advertising Design Secrets Exposed in Photoshop


Photoshop Market


TutorialKey: Madison Avenue Ad Design Secrets Product Info

- Over 6 hours of Advanced Photoshop Training on 2 DVD's

- 50 Inside industry Photoshop Design Tutorials
- Sturdy 2-pack DVD case for storing your Discs
- User-friendly menu based interface for easy navigation of Photoshop Tutorials

- Intro videos & groovy music to navigate thru DVD menus

- International shipping available

- Taught by Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS: Orion Williams

- When you order now you'll also INSTANTLY receive (free of charge) the downloadable PhotoshopDownloads Package (which includes 102 Tutorials Training Tutorials on PDF and hundreds of usable & royalty-free Photoshop downloads, Photoshop CS tips & more)


Advanced Photoshop TipsMagazine & Fashion design marketingPhotoshop Advertising & Marketing Design


$69.95 on DVD  +s&h



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From: Orion Williams

Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2



11:27 PM

Dear Photoshop Friend,

Wouldn't it be great to know exactly what was in demand with the hottest clients and exactly how to produce it in Photoshop to create income for yourself? 

I think the actual people that are looking for this level of advertising design "real world" Photoshop education have it in their minds that they ARE going to spend years of their life and thousands of dollars to get this kind of education so they WON'T be looking online for something like this.  This leaves you at an almost illegal speed advantage because you will get there 100 times faster than they will for 100 times less the cost

This is training for those that want to make money with Photoshop and aren't ashamed of it.  Financial success with Photoshop is now NOT just for those special few who went the seclusive insider traditional route - you can have it too.  Now, are you interested?

Yes, you may be artsy-fartsy (and I am sometimes too ;) but when it comes down to making money with Photoshop, you either have the skills to do what clients desire or you don't.  Hey, I love Photoshop for making most graphic design too, but don't you deserve to get paid for it too?!  Don't you deserve to balance out your Photoshop repertoire with "money-making" design skills such as advertising design (as well as your more artistic side) WITHOUT having to go the traditional time-consuming & expensive route?  Why leave the profitable livable income earning designing just to them? 

You now have a distinct life-enhancing opportunity but...

 Warning: you must already be a proficient Photoshop user. 

And you'll probably want to keep these secrets to yourself for your benefit...


▪  I have trained 10,000's of Photoshop user's worldwide with my online Photoshop tutorials, Photoshop websites and supplemental training products with great customer service and lots of testimonials.

  I have been to 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences and am a member of NAPP (National Association of Photoshop Professionals).  I've been featured on top tutorials websites and others including

  I am an Adobe Certified Expert for Photoshop CS2. 


Adobe Certified Expert


▪  I am also a professional graphic designer who leads by example and has spent 1,000's of hours in Photoshop- it's what I do. 


If you are prepared to:

#1 - Keep reading &

#2 - Be willing to accept the fact that you too can make money with Photoshop just like those that have gone the more traditional route..

.then you are going to enjoy yourself more with Photoshop and self-gratification than ever before.

So, the problem you will find as I did, (if you don't want to go the traditional route) is that you're going to have a hard time finding anyone who will share these advanced Photoshop skills.  There just weren't any of these tutorials in existence (until recently)!  Why?  They're going to keep the inside industry secret's to themselves so they can stay in demand as a commercial graphic designer themselves. 

It IS now possible for you to gain these exact same Photoshop skills and I'm here to tell you that, yes you can be one of them and make money with Photoshop.  If you're already making money as a graphic/commercial designer, you can be making a lot more.  You now have the opportunity to learn straight from the universal techniques of the highest paid graphic designer's in the world.

Do you have years of your time to go the traditional route, spending thousands of dollars at a design school and then getting 'inside' at an ad agency where someone superior will hopefully show you more of the ropes?  Or do you just want to have the skills of the highest paid designer's immediately to be able to profit from Photoshop?  If the latter, then keep reading...

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Don't waste any more of your time...

trying to figure out how to produce the designs we're talking about (fashion advertising, product ads, billboards, magazine design, advertising design, etc. not to mention the social psychology behind marketing to different demographics..) and that's IF you are already at a very proficient level in Photoshop and have a knack for design and marketing.  Can I assume that you don't WANT to spend that kind of time to take your Photoshop skills to the profit-pulling level?

Product Advertising DesignAdvanced Photoshop Design TutorialsPhotoshop Market

Well, you no longer have to.  I didn't want to go the traditional route in paying thousands of dollars in 'education' when most of it wasn't focusing on what I really wanted to learn anyways.  Because of my already high skill in Photoshop and natural sense for graphic design, re-production and social psychology I decided to really "DIG IN" and find out what were the hottest techniques, the latest tips, tricks and styles of advertising design (across different demographics) that clients are looking for the most. 

How did I do this?  I picked up the latest issues of top-selling magazines, where advertising space is at a premium.  What I've found was several things after digging into it real deep and analyzing it from an "inside Photoshop" perspective.  There are certain elements throughout all of advertising design that you must have. 

These elements or foundational principles are 'universal' in nature and I am at that 'universal level' of quality production in Photoshop to be able to teach you these exact techniquesI also found out that product design and advertising is surprisingly EASIER than one might have expected.  It's a lot easier than, say, producing movie posters in Photoshop.  This is great news for you if you think I'm talking about training that is just going to be TOO advanced. ("au contraire, bonjour" -the ladies man)

I went through and looked at several different genres of graphic design that I saw in magazines such as GQ, Harper's Bazaar, Twist, Newsweek, Suede, Cosmo, etc.. and actually produced variations on some of the latest and hottest ad style designs themselves with completely different source material that I could stick right into another magazine for publishing.  The end result?  Some VERY special tutorials training and designs, so...keep reading..

Don't tell anyone that it's easier to produce this kind of design than many other genres, but first you MUST understand the elements and continue to develop your portfolio of Photoshop work.

Furthermore, once you understand the classic & universal elements involved and the tools to achieve them (and see them in action from scratch in Photoshop) you can go ahead and create ANY kind of adverting design on your own.

and people will go "ooh, ahhh...that designer deserves the big bucks".  It will LOOK like big bucks, Madison Avenue.  You could fill in stupid, silly things for your typography or layers while still following these guidelines and I tell you, people will buy and clients will be impressed (and birds will swoon)! ..and it will look like it just came out a magazine ad; even if it's a design for your dog's shampoo or soap dish.  Why? 

It's the standard of quality that people have come to expect and apparently it's working because consumer's are still buying products.  You can create what I call the recognizable "universal standard acceptance".  When you create designs in Photoshop that involve the fundamental elements as I can show you then your income earning ability will skyrocket because all of a sudden you will be in hot demand because you are meeting the industry or 'universal' standard of acceptance. 

Client's will glance at your portfolio and 'know' this designer's 'got 'it''.  And that's the money shot right there for you.  Then you just need to keep marketing your services (I'll have info on this in the future), or keep pleasing your people at your current position.

I talk about why it's important to design the way that I'm designing for each of the tutorials..In this case there are a lot of elements going on such as the color pink (hmm..demographics; think young), the large captivating type (copy), etc. to jump off of the newsstand to get people to buy.  There are a lot of elements involved that I will cover..

Magazine Cover Tutorial Image

So, how do you acquire this level of skill, like, right now!?...

Either go the traditional result and spend lots of time and money to get "on the inside" or...get my latest training program: the Madison Avenue Advertising Design Secrets Photoshop tutorials training.  This is where I reveal it all my friend...

Advertising Design Secrets Exposed in Photoshop

"hi again!!!....your M.Avenue program is HUGE!!!..."   -Rotem

It's 50 tutorials on the latest advertising designs, including grunge-tek, fashion advertising, product ads, youth market, financial market, etc.  These cover timeless design principles which you will continue to see in magazines 300 years from now and the "new hotness" of techniques that fall within different subgenres that have just come out).  Over 6 hours of training on 2 DVD's.

These tutorials are all done in Photoshop CS from scratch so you see the entire design process from the start.  You see every move I do, but remember that these tutorials are not for Photoshop beginners or wimps.  This training is on such a high-level of information that I think it is already outlawed in Uzbekistan.  In fact these insider secrets revealed would probably outrage several Madison Avenue designers..why?  because you're soon going to be in competition with them. 

Once you look at some of these you'll be thinking..."they're getting paid how much?"  and..."why am I not doing this yet?"  And it's so simple to design many of these once you understand and 'get it'.  But you're going to have to see it in action most likely in order to get ANYWHERE because they do get paid for a reason. 

Here are a few specific benefits that you will learn w/ Madison Avenue Ad Design Secrets DVD's:

●  Knowing what tools to use - You will find that advertising designer's use specific tools A LOT more than others, in fact some tools remain untouched in Photoshop.  Know which tools that you must master for advertising and product design.

●  How to touch up source material or layers for much improved results in a matter of seconds! I told you that you will work on a fast and proficient level.  Don't worry I cover and speak as I go through the designing process but you must have Basic Photoshop skills.

●  Understand & master the power of layers - the fundamental of all digital design.   You will learn how to work with layers at a very fast, advanced and proficient level to get a lot of work done in a short time so you can raise your hourly rate.  New tips included.

●  Combining multiple tools in getting a quick and fast selection - There are many ways to get selections and different tools that you can combine together to get your desired selection, I cover them so you know what tools to use when to save yourself stress and hassle.  Once you get a selection you can do many things with it such as adjust it, transform it, make it a layer and much more which I cover.

  Use Photoshop Adjustment layers - Learn how to apply adjustments (and apply them FAST) such as changing the brightness values, or creating a gradient fill on completely temporary, disposable layers without damaging any of the pixels of your original layer/image.  This is perfect if you're not sure you want to keep an adjustment or if you might want to change it quickly later.

●  Layer sets, linking, layer comps - learn how to organize and manage your Photoshop workflow to save time during your projects with layer basics and advanced techniques.  No need to have a messy workspace with these tips.  I show you how to use layer comps to show your client different versions of your work (Photoshop CS only).

Just think of how much time you'll save not having to figure all of this out on your own.  

The Help Manual doesn't come close to showing you real world design.

●  Social Psychology of Advertising Design & Marketing - This is a priceless education you're going to receive during the tutorials training.  You can't just design something, you have to get inside the mind of your client's target audience and how they think.  I cover this and corporate branding throughout different subgenres or target markets of advertising design tutorials.  This will be of enormous benefit to you as a designer offering your services; to be able to come up with the appropriate vision for your client's product.

●  Keyboard Shortcuts are consistently reiterated during the training process so it becomes natural and can save you tremendous amounts of time.   You will become comfortable working in full screen mode (all black) and using advanced shortcuts.

●  Selections: from basic to advanced techniques (including the powerful quick mask mode): Learn how to select just about anything.  I cover all of the tools including Lasso, add to and subtract from selection, marquee, pen & path editing tools, extract, color range and more - it's all here.

  In-depth gradient tool in action - Understand how to use it for hiding pixels on a layer and also for creating your own professional colored backgrounds or fills.  This is a hugely important tool for you to use and master for this genre of design.  When used properly (I show you how to have control and forethought) this tool is of instant professional power to you.  Learn also how to create or reproduce color and gradients on your own from any source material.

You will GREATLY increase_>multiply your Market Value

as you choose your higher hourly rate with these advanced 'real world' skills...

●  Subgenre/Target Market Tips, Tricks & Techniques - Know and apply what is hot and what is not.  You're going to love the advanced level of real world design and social psychology unfolding right before your very eyes as you begin to 'get it' and take your skills to a much higher level in Photoshop...we're talking light years ahead.  You'll love the advanced brush masking technique which is used all the time in edgier or sexier magazine articles.

●  Understanding and using vectors and the shape tools - create the kind of images you see in commercial advertising & design.   Finally understand Vector & Bitmap balance as it is used throughout top advertising, fashion and product design.

●  Advanced custom shapes & Path Editing - Use this to create some really cool stretched out letters while keeping them as a vector.  It's not that hard...I show you how.

●  Advanced typography - Learn to use the character palette religiously as I lead by example to get you into kerning, tracking, leading for the purpose of producing the design.

  Grunge brush effect, product layers, brush masking,  layout design, when to use blending modes, color schematics & countless other MUST-KNOW tips (in ACTION) to create the kind of images you see in commercial advertising & design.   Prepare for an inundation of insider Photoshop knowledge that is guaranteed to boost your level of effectiveness by FAR. 

....and much much more with over 6 hours of Photoshop & graphic design training!


If you think you can 'handle it' and are prepared for it, then Madison Avenue secrets are a vital essential to your DVD library and can be your secret weapon of knowledge.

"Im so happy about the mad ave tutorial, need to thank u once again. I hope i'll be good as you someday. Great work the guru of the guru's. let me know if you got some other tutorials like the mad ave. Thanks I cant express how im glad about kearning those techniques. From now onwards i'll call u Prof, yeah u really deserve that title." -Farzana

This opportunity is really your chance to empower yourself as a profit-ready Photoshop designer and increase your own market value!  Expand your Photoshop diversity to offer the skills that top clients are looking for when you build your portfolio after getting these tutorials.  Even if you just want to improve your skills without offering your services, you will surprise yourself with where you'll be at. 

Here's a little secret: in product or fashion advertising design, the product or model photography is just as important if not more important than the actual graphic design.  But you know what?  They still need someone to design the ads while the photographer's uploading the images.  If you've got the skills, why not you?  It's easy because you're already dealing with high quality source material.

Here are just some of the project's we'll be working on.

Advanced Photoshop TipsProduct advertising designMagazine & Fashion design marketingPhotoshop Advertising & Marketing Design

Big business and corporations have the expense accounts to either outsource to freelancer's or design firms or hire in house designers who have this skill level.  If you are freelancing, get these tutorials and continue building your portfolio and you can offer your services to smaller firms first or try to get in at a design house (they'll be impressed that you can do what their clients are looking for). 

There's good money to be made because the market demand is always there (try bench pressing a Fall Edition of Cosmo and you'll know what i mean). today's online digital age you don't need to live in NYC to be a top graphic designer.


Hello! Orion. hey man I received the new Madison Avenue Training DVDs; now that's what I'm talking about. The reason why you create images the document size that is used by Ad agencies, movie posters and the like. This DVDs tutorials are great, keep up the good work. I agree that no one else is giving this level of in-depth training not even Scott Kelby. 


Graig LaMar  Freelance Photographer (and soon to be Photoshop Great)

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Personally I wasn't that interested in this genre of graphic design (commercial advertising design) until I got into and realized that it's one of the easiest to do and that it pays the most.  You too will gain a greater appreciation for it for being able to produce what you see in magazines, retail stores, product displays, etc.  There's never going to be a shortage of products that need to be advertised so you can put yourself in a great hobby or career position with this knowledge.

This information is easily worth 10X what I'm asking... 

These tutorials are guaranteed to enhance your Photoshop skills.  Not only that, you will understand a lot more about the social psychology and underlying meaning behind a lot of what is involved in an ad design.  I discuss the psychology of design and marketing combined (b/c that's what this is), how it reaches viewers, how you can understand this as I am showing you step-by-step how to produce each different design. 

This is a priceless opportunity for you to save years of your life and countless thousands of dollars and get straight to the "show me the money" design skills.  I leave no stone uncovered as I crisscross across multiple subgenres of advertising design. 

Remember that you must already be proficient at using Photoshop or you will likely get a little lost because I move fast on these tutorials.  Remember, also that there is the rewind function so you can go over what you need to.  As long as you have basic Photoshop skills, you'll be fine.

You will be shocked as the underlying truth of the top designer's becomes so apparent that you will have to rewatch over and over anyways.  You will understand how to produce these designs in Photoshop, but more specifically how to take the skills into your own realm and replicate the same fundamentals and more advanced techniques that is required to produce "selling design". 

So how much is this Madison Avenue insider Photoshop training going to cost?

...that will save you:

1. Thousands of dollars in the traditional advertising design 'education' route

2. putting up with other courses that have nothing to do with what you want to learn

3. from painstakingly slowly getting to the real insider techniques of the highest paid designers

First, you will have learned what you thought you couldn't learn because no one else would teach that (other than the long expensive road) so you almost gave up on the idea.  People that go this route aren't online (hello dinosaurs), they're more likely in their college library.

And second, this is for all of you down to earth, real world Photoshop user's with ambition that want to believe there is something like this finally out there in this (because it's finally here); it's not for those of you who want to take the antiquated route to take years to figure it out and can't accept that something like this would cost so little or be real.  Things are moving faster than the traditional educational system nowadays.  But either route, you can make a livable income; one's just a lot quicker now that it's available for the first time worldwide.

Thank you for the update. I received the Madison Ave. DVD today. I am currently on DVD 3 of the Basic Photoshop and I am really enjoying the tutorials. Thank you for sharing your photoshop knowledge and expertise. When I go home in the evening I am actually excited because I know I will learn more about Photoshop.
/And thank you again for your tutorials and project files. I am learning more than I ever anticipated from your products.
Best regards,
Chris Grillo

For those that are ready, I'm offering the training now for only $69.95 (+S&H).  This is an outright steal and I'll probably raise the price soon as I'm still testing price points (if I do lower it VERY doubtful, you'll receive a little refund).  I could very well double the cost of this Photoshop design training and people will still buy it-guaranteed.  It's value is worth $999 - I should be ashamed to offer it so low. 

These are proven Photoshop techniques of the commercial graphic design, product advertising design, fashion design, magazine industries for you to produce the most in-demand RESULTS and to increase your fair market value as a graphic designer and Photoshop user.  If you want to produce design like the big boys then you know the deal...

Because I can offer it on DVD and mass produce it, I can keep it at a lower cost and you get all of the benefits of such an insider advanced education WITHOUT all of the B.S. and still keep it a win-win situation.  This is why I think it's a STEAL at $69.95 because it's just oozing with nonstop Photoshop Power and tricks and techniques of the TOP paid professionals in the advertising design industries.

It's important that I cover all of this so you understand the value of this product and what it will do for you, otherwise it will be just another cool looking Photoshop product you might be interested in.

Just think what that could do for your Photoshop design skill level and market value.  Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity?  You could easily pay for the training in your first design project after you get these skills and still have it as a powerful learning resource for years to come.  I am also proud to say that I think it's my best training work to date.  It's surpassed everything else on quality level & depth of information.

Make the investment in yourself now and when you do I'll also throw in these additional bonuses because I want to make sure that there is absolutely no way you can lose, no matter how you look at it. 

Order now and you'll also receive 102 additional tutorials on PDF (over 600 pages worth) including 60 Basic Photoshop tutorials and 42 Photoshop Design tutorials.  These are available instantly after you order so you have something to do right away before the rest of the training gets there...Here take a look...

BONUS ITEM #1 (instant access):  

42 Photoshop Design + 60 Basic Photoshop Tutorials 

on printable PDF format (613 pages).  ($49 Value)


Below are 3 of the 42 design tutorials featured.

Magazine layout design


And for a limited time only you'll also receive the Photoshop Downloads Package. 

This I will be taking offline every now and then so you must order NOW in order to guarantee you get all of these bonuses.  I cannot guarantee they will be here tomorrow.


BONUS ITEM #2 (instant access): 

All New Photoshop Downloads Package ($29 retail)

Including everything you see listed below on the .jpeg from my website


Tons of royalty-free Photoshop Downloads for you to use in your work.

All customers can ask me any technical or creative Photoshop question simply by email



I wanted to take this time to let you know I received the Madison Avenue DVD training which I won from the design contest you held. I look forward to seeing what great new lessons you have in this set. I have learned so much from your training that I can not thank you enough for distributin a rock solid quality product. Although I am employed full time as a IT Analysts, the knowledge I have gained from you training has enable me to strike out into the field of freelance graphic design (which started out as just a hobby) and do pretty well for just starting out.

Once again thanks for offering a great product.
Brandon Spain


"I already have the Madison Avenue DVDs and let me say that this is what I was looking for keep up the good work!

..Over all your training DVDs rival the best in the business...
../you have amain street product for anyone looking to free themselves from expensive schooling.
Graig LaMar
Freelancer Photographer/Designer

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Here, I want you to take a look at this special video that will help explain it a little bit more.  You must have Flash 7 in order to view it. 

Move your Cursor over the bottom area to reveal the Flash Player Settings and to start or pause the video.

If it doesn't start playing after you press play, then you can download Flash 7 here.

I want to make this offer even more irresistible for you to make this small investment in your future so read this exclusive guarantee on the Madison Avenue Ad Design Secrets...


Take one full year to examine, exploit and put this training to work for you so you can spend your time getting work done in Photoshop.  That's right.  You can take 365 days to put the training to use and test it out for yourself.  Learn and use as much as you can.  I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!  You must think it's at least worth twice what you paid for it or you can send it back for a full refund.


You can keep the PhotoshopDownloads & 102 add'l tutorial bonuses no matter what you decide.


But if you aren't satisfied for any reason, you don't like my use of colorful images, or it just doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't lose anything.  Just return the dvd's and I'll refund your entire payment - right up to day # 365!  That's how confident I am in the level and quality of this training and how much I know it's going to help you with Photoshop 'uptime' and not 'downtime'.  100% 1-Year Satisfaction Guaranteed.  It's a guaranteed gain no matter what you decide.

If you're ready to take these "show me the money" Photoshop secrets into your hands and claim a much higher market value for yourself as a profit-ready, solution-oriented graphic designer then here is the chance you've been waiting for.  If you don't think you're ready, just ask yourself where on earth else you're going to find this kind of information without going "the long route" (and still not learn it all)?

And if you think this is bogus, remember that I have taught Photoshop & graphic design to 10,000's of people worldwide online with my Photoshop websites (w/100+ testimonials) and that you are probably someone who would go the traditional route because up until now that WAS the only way to figure this out (and you wouldn't believe any other way is possible anyways). 

These are the first Photoshop tutorials on advertising & product marketing in the world that I know of (and is why I created them), so it's up to you now kimo sabe to take advantage of this special offer and before I could double the price.  Otherwise it will take you years to figure out how it's all done.  Take advantage of this offer and limited time bonuses to increase your market value today.  Click here to get it started for only $69.95 (+S&H) and order from my secure server on

You must act now if you want to guarantee you'll get your bonuses.  I will take them down periodically (and I can never say when!), so you snooze you lose; get it all by ordering right now.  Your downloads will be available within minutes and believe me, those 102 tutorials and royalty-free downloads will keep you busy until the rest of the training arrives.  Orders are shipped out within 3-48 hours.

Got it...all is A-OK! The training is the best...worth the wait! I learn more from your style of instruction than with the more"liner" type of training. I flip on the lava lamp, open some wine, light-up, sit back and learn. Keep it up. How's about some training on channels and paths. Thanks again!

TutorialKey: Madison Avenue Product Info

- Over 6 hours of Advanced Photoshop Training on 2 DVD's

- 50 Inside industry Photoshop Design Tutorials
- Sturdy 2-pack DVD case for storing your Discs
- User-friendly menu based interface for easy navigation of Photoshop Tutorials

- Intro videos & groovy music to navigate thru DVD menus

- International shipping available

- Taught by Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS: Orion Williams

- When you order now you'll also INSTANTLY receive (free of charge) the downloadable PhotoshopDownloads Package via email (which includes 102 Tutorials Training Tutorials on PDF and hundreds of usable & royalty-free Photoshop downloads, Photoshop CS tips & more)

Photoshop Job Market Solution

 Only $69.95 USD (+S&H) 

You will proceed to my secure and safe shopping cart on

International Orders Only Click Here

Thanks for your time and best wishes!  I look forward to making a HUGE impact in your own Photoshop marketability and look forward to YOUR success story. 

Feel free to ask me any questions:  I have over 200 positive testimonials that relate to the quality of my products and service.  Best wishes,



Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS



p.s. Remember if you don't act now, you could forever pass up this chance to increase your fair market value as a graphic designer AND lose out on the instantly available Bonus Downloads which you can be using in 2 minutes!  If you want to earn more income with Photoshop without any shame then this is it. Don't pass it by.


p.p.s. You'll receive a priceless education from the first tutorials like this in the world and have the skills to meet the demands of the top-paying clients so invest in yourself today!  Click here to order.


Alternative Ordering Methods:

Though the online ordering process IS secure,..You can phone 713-439-7044 between 10:30 a.m.-8:30 p.m. CST; this method you can pay via credit card over the phone where it will then be manually entered for approval within 10 minutes of hanging up the phone and you will be emailed further notification of your approval.  Products will ship out within 3-48 hours.

You can also order via paypal, cashiers/bank cheque, money order, Western Union, business check, or personal check (u.s. only).  Many international order requests have been received via these methods.  The outsourcer will prepare your order immediately and then send it upon clearance of the funds.  Make out payments to "Dreamcore Productions, Ltd." and use the address at the bottom (3000 Sage Road #1265 Houston, TX  77056)

You can even order via email if you have a credit card (though not recommended for transmittal of credit card data).  Split the credit card information into 2 separate emails for more security to with your order information and I will contact you.

 If you are an institution or large corporation, you could order via purchase order.  So please contact the email address or phone # below for details. 

Phone: 713-439-7044

if you would prefer not to order online.


If you're still not convinced to give Advertising Design Secrets Training a try, here's how you can get a FREE Sample Disc with Tutorials & Bonuses:

 Simply click here and a popup survey will appear. Answer a couple of quick questions and give me the address where you want me to send your FREE TUTORIALS CD.

p.s. Please don't ask for the disc if you are ordering or have already ordered b/c you're getting it all & much more there. Sorry U.S. deliveries only now.


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