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When you're serious about learning Photoshop for your future, it's a good idea to research your different options and see what kind of investment it's going to realistically take.

You know that you're not going to get a comprehensive Photoshop education for free, and you probably know that you could easily spend thousands of dollars to get to a full proficiency level if you go the traditional, 'classroom' style of education. 

But what if you just can't afford that style of education?

I encourage your to find out more about the Tutorial Key training for PhotoshopCS/2.

  It can help you achieve your creative potential starting today!

TKey: Retouching DVD


- Over 2 hours of Intermediate PS Training on learning how to retouch your images with Photoshop CS

Tkey: Restoration & Curves DVD

- Over 2 hours of Intermediate PS Training on learning how to restore your images w/PS CS

     Free 8 Part Mini-Course:





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TKey: Madison Avenue Ad Design Secrets

- Over 6 hours of Advanced PS Training

- 50 Inside industry Photoshop Design Tutorials

TKey: Photoshop 7 DVD Training

- Over 8 hours of Photoshop 7 Training on 4 DVD's


Inside the Design & Photoshop 7 Techniques:


2 DVD + 2 CD

-Over 5 hours of Photoshop 7 videos

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"I'm watching the Madison Ave DVD as we speak & I just want you to know that I would gladly do anything to help get the word out about you, I cannot even begin to fathom how much time & money you have saved me in schooling & training, starting halfway to the finish line is a lot better than starting at the beginning with everybody else & because of your training, thats I'll be starting out ahead of the crowd."  

-Brad W Gremba    (


"The Photoshop CS/CS2 TutorialKey training that I recently acquired has taken me to another level in such a short time.  The tutorials are so easy to follow and well explained which really helps the learning curve.  It is almost like setting in a classroom and having your questions answered... Well done!!."    


-Norman Greenwood, California U.S.A.


"So far the best training video tutorials I have come across.  Thank you very much." 


-Ray Kallie, Canada


"I had gone to basic photoshop school and had not learned how to understand masking.  i took the masking with the gradiant tool and showed it to my school instructor and he learned something new - thank you very much for your training dvds"

-douglas miller (



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and have attended 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences.

Alternative Ordering Methods:

Though the online ordering process IS secure,..You can phone 715-423-2161 between 10:30 a.m.-10:30 p.m. CST; this method you can pay via credit card over the phone where it will then be manually entered for approval within 10 minutes of hanging up the phone and you will be emailed further notification of your approval.  Products will ship out within 3-48 hours.

You can also order via paypal, cashiers/bank cheque, money order, Western Union, business check, or personal check (u.s. only).  Many international order requests have been received via these methods.  The outsourcer will prepare your order immediately and then send it upon clearance of the funds.  Make out payments to "Dreamcore Productions, Ltd." and use the address at the bottom (5140 Stoney Brook Rd. Rudolph, WI  54475)

You can even order via email if you have a credit card (though not recommended for transmittal of credit card data).  Split the credit card information into 2 separate emails for more security to with your order information and I will contact you.

 If you are an institution or large corporation, you could order via purchase order.  So please contact the email address or phone # below for details. 

You can also print out the order page, fill in the blanks and

fax (or phone) your order to 715-423-2161

if you would prefer not to order online.


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