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No longer is expensive classroom training the only acceptable method for you to acquire complete Photoshop CS/2 proficiency... 

Get the most PS training value you can by CUTTING YOUR EDUCATION COSTS up to 700%

while finally achieving the results that you've always wanted with Photoshop CS/CS2.



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If you're serious about finally just "learning Photoshop" you know you're going to have to make an investment of 'some' sort.  Video tutorials training allows you to learn at your own pace and save potentially thousands of $$'s on traditional education.


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TutorialKey Training for Photoshop CS/CS2


Disc 1:                          Disc 2:

               Layer Basics                      Tools

Disc 3:                          Disc 4:

                   Tools                 File Browser & Menus

Disc 5:                          Disc 6:

        Filter Menu & Options                Layers

Disc 7:                          Disc 8:

      Working with Layers    Image Menu & Import/Output

                   Disc 9:                          Disc 10:

              Adjustments                 Palettes & More

                   Disc 11:                        Disc 12:

          Practical Exercises             Bonus Tutorials


Sample Videos One, Two, Three



This brand new, 'hot off the press' training is 33 full hours of Photoshop CS/CS2 DVD video tutorials training.  Other complete training programs that are out there (of the few) cover up to 20-24 hours of training. 


This is the single largest Photoshop CS Tutorials Training that is available anywhere, and it's ready for you right now to help you reach your PS goals!


Training includes 12 DVD's of Photoshop CS video tutorials training plus 1 DVD of the new Photoshop CS2 features for a total of 33 hours of action packed training.


So what are you waiting for?  Make the best use of your Photoshop time today to increase your fair market value as a proficient Photoshop user with the largest, comprehensive Photoshop training resource on the market>>>

Now Only $249

including FREE S&H for a limited time

Photoshop Video Tutorials Training

Order Now and receive 104 Bonus tutorials instantly on full color printable PDF & MORE!!

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Note:  The quality of the video and audio IS greatly compressed for web use

but the actual DVD video and audio is clear.

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If it doesn't start playing after you press play, then you can download Flash 7 here.


This intro video is a brief overview of some of the training you'll get

in the 33 hour TutorialKey Training for Photoshop CS & CS2. 



Sample Videos One, Two, Three



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I have learned so much from your free tutorials. Although I have a diploma in Computer Art since 1995, I have never enjoyed photoshopping as much as I have while learning from your tutorials.  I have come across new and practical techniques which a person like me,based in India, would not have been able to learn otherwise.
Thank you so much.

Karuna Sanghvi



This training goes beyond ALL other Photoshop video training programs by not only teaching you everything about Photoshop CS, but by giving you an additional 6+ hours of real world APPLIED step by step tutorials that are worth the cost of the program alone.


These areas include hair selection, advanced compositing, graphic design, photo restoration & retouching, advertising design techniques and more.


It's rare to find training that will teach you 'how to apply' Photoshop for real world results with insider secret techniques but this is all included as well when you order today.


I have previously invested at least $400-$500 in video training can imagine my surprise when after all of that I realized I was learning faster & more efficiently from free emails, I thought maybe I'd pick up one or two things but I've learned alot.  My DVD Training (The MEGA package incl. Tutorial Key training) should arrive today & I can't wait.


Knowing how much I've learned just from your free stuff I can't even imagine what the video's will be like. Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge with people like me, it's truly a service to our kind. Thank you.

-With Eternal Thanks  Brad W Gremba


"The Photoshop CS/CS2 TutorialKey training that I recently acquired has taken me to another level in such a short time.  The tutorials are so easy to follow and well explained which really helps the learning curve.  It is almost like setting in a classroom and having your questions answered... Well done!!."    


-Norman Greenwood, California U.S.A.


"So far the best training video tutorials I have come across.  Thank you very much." 


-Ray Kallie, Canada


"I had gone to basic photoshop school and had not learned how to understand masking.  i took the masking with the gradiant tool and showed it to my school instructor and he learned something new - thank you very much for your training dvds"

-douglas miller (


If you DON'T take the action now to finally get a handle on Photoshop, how much time is it that you'll be spending still trying to learn the different tools or figuring out how to do this or that when you could be using that same time well-spent on editing images, sharing images for print or web, graphic designing or PASSING your competition?!

With this Tutorial Key video tutorials training for Photoshop CS & CS2 you will get there the fastest way possible and it'll always be there for your reference so you can learn at your own pace. 

That's 13 jam-packed DVD's of awesome Photoshop CS/2 education which you can learn from at anytime.

You KNOW that you'll be saving a ton of money compared to institutional, seminar or classroom training while getting the best and MOST value and Photoshop power on the market today.  Click here to find out a lot more about this educational opportunity OR....

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"I picked my way through Photoshop for five months until I purchased your TutorialKey training for Photoshop CS, and my world exploded!!  This training is a must have for anyone wanting to realize the full potential of their creativity in graphic design, photo touch-up and restoration etc. through Photoshop.  And the real world bonus, they're on fire!!!      

                   -Francis Escayg, 8/17/05

"I have ordered several different training programs for Adobe Photoshop and the tutorials you get from Orion Williams are far and above anything I have found so far. Really enjoy them and learning at the same time. Thanks Orion!"  -John P. Staples

"The training has been a great help to me and I would definitely recommend this training to those who really want to get into really learning Photoshop and not have to worry about being overwhelmed."  -Brandon Spain

"Once again thanks for staying on top of things and your quick responses. The
items were delivered this morning at around 11am. I can't wait to get started."
- wallace

I've got tons of more testimonials from my history and experience online.  Click here to read more testimonials.

Includes both Macintosh and Windows software

Minimum Requirements for Windows & Macintosh


Must have a DVD Player and DVD software on computer to run.  Will also work on TV DVD players (most models).  Speakers are required for audio.  Training program was produced in Photoshop CS & CS2 and applies to all versions of Photoshop (the later your version, the more features you will be able to understand and use that I cover). 


Click here for a detailed Q&A or


If you're not quite ready to make the step, just click here to find out a lot more about this Photoshop CS/CS2 video tutorials training solution from professional graphic artist and Photoshop user Orion Williams (that's me).



Yours in Photoshop success,




Orion Williams

Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS2 here to find out a lot more about this special training offer or act now and order today to get your instantly available 102 Bonus tutorials on full color printable PDF (it will keep you busy until your 13 discs arrive)!






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You can also order via paypal, cashiers/bank cheque, money order, Western Union, business check, or personal check (u.s. only).  Many international order requests have been received via these methods.  The outsourcer will prepare your order immediately and then send it upon clearance of the funds.  Make out payments to "Dreamcore Productions, Ltd." and use the address at the bottom (5140 Stoney Brook Rd. Rudolph, WI  54475)

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 If you are an institution or large corporation, you could order via purchase order.  So please contact the email address or phone # below for details. 

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