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Here is the last  issue of the PSDer (sorry it's been a few you can see I've been quite busy):


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60 More Free Basic Photoshop tutorials here now.  Rem2bookmark it!

Check these Basic tutorials out on using the Outer Glow and Background Eraser Tools..

50 Free Photoshop articles to date & 42 In house Free Photoshop Design Tutorials on PhotoshopDesign.NET.  Click for ALL Photoshop Design Tutorials.

3D Transforming:

Yes you can do a little 3-dimensional transforming in Photoshop.  Check out this article to find out more.

Movie Posters:

Understand more about this inside industry closely guarded genre of graphic design and how you can use Photoshop to produce similar results.

Check this out this tutorial on making a really cool and seeming 'advanced' movie style poster design with this free Photoshop tutorial.

PhotoshopWorld East:  September 1-3rd   Orlando, Florida

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August 2: goes LIVE.

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May 4:

Orion Williams: Adobe Certified Expert, Photoshop CS

March 20:  PSD.NET is launched.


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Tutorial on Colorizing an old image

You'll receive other tutorials if you signed up for the free email series.

Tutorial on replacing missing body parts



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Advertising Design Secrets

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Photoshop tutorials training RSS blog feed

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