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Photoshop for Hobby/Fun/Tutorials eCourse



In this short eCourse you will learn some specific techniques that you

can use in Photoshop with some tutorials as well as be introduced

to the new features in Photoshop CS2. 


You will also have a better understanding of some of the fun and

different ways that you can apply Photoshop to achieve great visual



Remember you can also take the audio version as well...So let's get started!


Adobe Photoshop can be a TON OF FUN as you may already know.  It's the perfect tool to enhance your photos, create from scratch, embellish your photos, create designs, use for web design, retouching and SO much more.


Using Photoshop can be the perfect lifetime hobby.  But be aware that initially, it's really the end results that Photoshop can bring you and not Photoshop itself that gets you excited (until you are more aware of

the possibilities it does hold for you).


It would be impossible to cover everything you could do in a little eCourse however I'm going to give you a bigger perspective on the

fun and exciting things that you CAN do with it.


I'm sure that you've already been to many of the websites online

that offer free tutorials.  They're great and they're a lot of fun and

if you're just wanting to create some cool effects you couldn't ask

for much more.


Of course I also teach some of those similar cool effects but I want

to introduce you to what they won't show you; the 'other' fun things

that you can do with Photoshop. 


This will expand your mind into the other things that you can do

with it in your free time to achieve really fantastic digital graphic results!

Photoshop is really wide open and can do what YOU want it to do.
You probably already know what things you would like to do with it,

so before we go into it in more detail of what you can do let's look

at the bigger picture quickly.



          *To be the go-to photo or design expert for your family & friends

        *Expand your own creativity and potential of what is possible

        *Understand more of the work that is put into professional 

            or cool designs and how you can re-create it


        *Replicate some cool techniques or visual effects that you've

          seen online

        *Enhance your graphics portfolio or resume     


        *Create professional, beautiful graphic or web design works     


        *See your visual ideas and dreams come to life

        *Get more fun things done faster

        *Maintain ongoing personal satisfaction & fulfillment

        *Have an enjoyable hobby, burgeoning career or profession

        *Have something thatís fun to do in your off work time


        *Be aware of what other awesome things you can do with



        *Share your work with friends and family and be proud of your



Those are some of the benefits you can get out of putting your time into Photoshop.  You're probably already hungry for some cool

tutorials and I'll give you some of them but throughout the rest of this

eCourse I'm also going to show you some more of the specific things

that you can do within Photoshop that you might really be interested in.  So let's keep going..



The Bigger Picture of your Photoshop potential>>



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