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Photoshop Power eCourse



Thanks for taking this Free Online eCourse on Photoshop Power for Real World Results.  This short course should really help you with:


          1. Understanding what Photoshop CS/CS2 means to you

          2. What possibilities there are in the real world for you

          3. How to start being more successful in becoming a

              Photoshop creative professional


Concerning Photoshop and you; this is the 'bigger picture of things' that can help you sort out where you are, where you're going and what you need to do (without getting caught up right now in how to use the lasso tool). 


Remember you can also take the audio version as well...So let's get started!


There must be something that you want to do and you've realized that Photoshop can help you achieve that goal or release your creative potential.


You might just want to professionally edit and prepare your photos for print or web output, create graphic design, learn digital scrapbooking, retouch or restore, create ad designs that sell and get you hired or any number of other reasons (and there are lots of them).


But you know, whatever your reason is, Photoshop CS/CS2 is really just the means to the end.  That's it.


It is the 'Power Tool' that can allow you to get your image editing tasks done in a breeze.  I'm sure you don't just want to 'learn Photoshop' for the sake of learning Photoshop (do you)!? 


Photoshop means nothing to you if you don't know what you want from it or how you have to use it to get what you want.


So if you understand that Photoshop holds the key to unlocking your creative potential and really getting the creative professional results that you desire with your digital imaging...what is holding you back from achieving those swiftly effective results right now?!


ARE you achieving the true results that you can get out of Photoshop right now?


The only thing that is holding you back from achieving those results is a lack of knowledge in Photoshop CS/CS2 and/or not knowing what you want to do with it. 


Understand, you may have some experience in Photoshop CS/CS2 but are you using it as a 'power user' to the maximum extent and pushing the edges of your creativity daily?  Can you use it at the level you really should be to bring into your life the results you desire?


You see, once you understand the technical part, you can actually not only apply your creative and efficient mind to achieve your tasks but you will be opened to even more possibilities than you thought possible once you reach a certain level of knowledge and awareness in Photoshop CS/CS2.


Right now I know for a fact, that is 100% unlimited what I can create or produce with Photoshop and digital images; it NEVER ends.  But I have a level of mastery over the program that allows me to meld the technical Photoshop skills with my creative mind.


This allows me to offer my services and skills to any number of potential 'clients' if I so choose.


I am certain that YOU have a creative mind and that you are a visual person.  I think the only thing holding YOU back is a lack of education on how to use, harness and apply Photoshop CS/CS2 itself. 


Because once you have that education my friend, then you can achieve your creative visions in ever expanding ways, create effective image editing results, and even be prepared to earn an income from doing what you love most (working in Photoshop to get results)! 


So, in this eCourse online I'm briefly going to over some of the areas that will affect you.  These areas are crucially vital to you if you're interested in using Photoshop to be a part of 'what you do' or to earn an income.


In the rest of this eCourse, I will briefly cover:


          What Benefits you can get out of using Photoshop CS/CS2


          Different Areas you can Apply Photoshop (open your mind

            to even more possibilities)


          Why you must have Photoshop CS/CS2 proficiency if you

            are going to be a creative professional or earn income


          Job Opportunities for today's Photoshop professionals


          HOT Freelancing tips


          Why you Must increase your marketability to compete in

            today's economy as an upcoming Photoshop professional


          When you can expect to achieve full Photoshop CS/2 proficiency


So..WHY do you want to learn Photoshop?  Is it really worth it to invest the time money and effort into it?  After reading the next page you will really understand the value of what Photoshop can bring to your life could be.


What Benefits you can get out of using Photoshop CS/CS2>>



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