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TutorialKey Solutions & is the new website from professional Photoshop user, Orion Williams who has trained 100,000's of people online worldwide throughout his many websites in the Discover Photoshop Network.  He has been featured in newsletters and countless tutorials websites online over the past few years.

You may have been to any of these sites;,, PhotoshopDesign.NET,,,,

Due to a request from Adobe themselves; almost all 'Photoshop' websites with the words 'Adobe' or 'Photoshop' cannot use the name without a special approval anymore.  They have allowed us to keep '' and maybe 'PhotoshopDesign.NET' (with the most traffic).  All of these previous sites from the past couple years of experience and history will be consolidated into this website.

Orion is also realigning his training and marketing with this website to include a broader scope of the worldwide market of Photoshop students.  This means that you get a 'one stop' resource to unlocking YOUR creative Photoshop potential with comprehensive AND specialized training to help you succeed.  The latest training solutions compete with the best in the market as well as offer a viable alternative to the more traditional, expensive way of learning.

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Contact me for any questions.  Join the Free PSDer.  I am a member of...

and have attended 3 PhotoshopWorld Conferences.

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